Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Walking with Apostles

As the weather changes and it warms up enough to spend more time outside I have enjoyed going for walks. And I LOVE walking with a friend, my daughter or husband...however those times are rare. It is hard enough for me to find time to walk, but including another person makes it harder. And honestly, I want to walk in the SUNSHINE!

So the past couple of days I have gone walking with the Apostles and Prophet. You heard me! Have you not ever wanted to walk with them, learn from them and listen to their counsel WHILE you are enjoying a beautiful walk in the sunshine? Instead of music, opt to pull up a recent talk given in Conference or Devotional given at BYU. They're simple to download and they have been the perfect companions for me as I walk. Ironically the one I listened to as I began my walk was, "We Never Walk Alone," by President Monson. And another I highly recommend that I completed my walk with was "You Are My Hands," by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Here's some great resources for downloading amazing addresses: 

Click on the address and select "download" from the right.

Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Not About the Scale (from size 28 to 18)

So following my Weight Watchers meeting on Feb. 8th, I was a bit discouraged. I had hoped to make my goal for 60 pounds total loss and only needed to lose 2.4 pounds to make it. I had worked hard, tried yoga, did a little zumba and walked in the VERY COLD and watched what I ate. But I only rang in at .4 pounds lost...not even a half a pound to celebrate. I was crushed. I tried to hide my disappointment and smile, I've come so far. But I am really trying to set goals and stay on track and I am never prepared for a low number on the scale.

So I called my mom....because who else do you call when you're bummed?

She told me it wasn't about the numbers on the scale. She reminded me how much better I'm looking and suggested I find an old pair of pants. I was SHOCKED when I realized that the largest pair of pants I was sporting last summer were a size 28. And that day I had put on a pair of 18 pants that my mom had bought me knowing I may need them sooner then later.

I was so thrilled!

I grabbed my husband and asked him to snap this photo. I needed the REMINDER!

Then I decided I should POST it to show my friends and family that my change in eating and lifestyle is WORKS!!

I was so flattered and humbled by the sheer number of friends and followers that liked the photo and commented. I saw how very many of my peeps hoped to one day experience GOOD HEALTH! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

My Story Continues....2 Years Later

Two years ago this blog was all about my BRCA1 diagnoses and my prophylactic surgeries that followed. But then it just ended...this blog that is.

Following my surgeries....

I was depressed.

I had anxiety. Going out in public was traumatizing for me.

I was paranoid that everyone was looking at my chest (which most often they were).

I struggled with my newly formed body. This disproportions of my breasts size (which were smaller) to my ever growing belly made it so very hard for me. I felt like a pear or bowling pin. Sure my breast were perkier, but they didn't fit my body anymore.

And it was the loved ones that surrounded me that pointed out my apparent depression. 

I took Zoloft. I felt okay. But I was not at one with my body. Talk about insecurities!

Each return doctors visit I was counseled in a kind way that losing weight would be beneficial for me (obviously). Did you know that your risk of having cancer increases exponentially if you are obese. Which I was!
Me and My Genetics Counselor

I weighed eventually weighed in at my largest weight to date...

299 pounds

I knew I was ONE pound away from being 300. I could not believe I'd let it get this out of hand. I continued to medicate my aching heart and soul with Dr. Pepper...lots and lots. I had a desk drawer full of SUGAR...lots and lots. Black licorice and mega M&Ms were my poison of choice...a long with a helping of Lays Kettle Potato Chips.

Now I wasn't a bing eater. I didn't eat an entire bag of any one thing. But I NEVER made healthy choices when it came to food and I soooooo loved my Dr. Pepper.

I knew things had to change.

I knew I felt yucky. My stomach was always upset ALL.THE.TIME.

I knew my life was in chaos and I seemed to have NO control over anything. I wasn't focus on my career, I felt very distant with my religion and I felt unhealthy.
Someone one asked me if I was "sad that I was overweight?" I was taken back by the question, because I always felt very happy (at least on the outside). I was outgoing, I loved my friends. I didn't sit and stew about my weight. Honestly, I didn't think I was sad. But looking back at the me then, and the me now....I am a lot happier!!
I had a friend, Annette that I'd watched her TRANSFORM over a year or so as she dropped her weight. She had lost around 120 pounds...NO SURGERY, NO BOOT CAMP. She learned she had Candida and started addressing the issue with how she FED her body. It was amazing to watch and I was very OBSERVANT. Thankfully she started teaching "Wellness Classes." There is a story I'll share another time about her classes. But that angel, she continued to invite me to attend her classes and I would graciously decline. Until one day....

Thanks to a wonderfully sweet friend, I went to my first class that begun my new JOURNEY. I will always be thankful to that friend for being inspired to offer me a ride. I was on the fence about attending and that was the one thing I needed to get me there.... a friend to drag my butt.

The more I learned about Candida the more I was convinced I had been suffering from this. The more I learned how to feed my body better the better I felt. I am constantly asked HOW I have lost my weight. That will take a little bit of explaining, so be sure to check back. I'll write another post about it soon.