Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Walking with Apostles

As the weather changes and it warms up enough to spend more time outside I have enjoyed going for walks. And I LOVE walking with a friend, my daughter or husband...however those times are rare. It is hard enough for me to find time to walk, but including another person makes it harder. And honestly, I want to walk in the SUNSHINE!

So the past couple of days I have gone walking with the Apostles and Prophet. You heard me! Have you not ever wanted to walk with them, learn from them and listen to their counsel WHILE you are enjoying a beautiful walk in the sunshine? Instead of music, opt to pull up a recent talk given in Conference or Devotional given at BYU. They're simple to download and they have been the perfect companions for me as I walk. Ironically the one I listened to as I began my walk was, "We Never Walk Alone," by President Monson. And another I highly recommend that I completed my walk with was "You Are My Hands," by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Here's some great resources for downloading amazing addresses: 

Click on the address and select "download" from the right.

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