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The recent knowledge that I was positive for BRCA1 has thrown me for a bit of a loop. And I found that my life was quickly being consumed by the information of what being BRCA1 positive meant to me. As I learn about what this means for me, my body and my family I am finding that I needed a place to not only share this information, but a place to put pen to paper (figuratively speaking of course). I have found a lot of great information and encouragement from reading other blogs about this very topic and thought a blog was a good idea.

Allred Design Bog

Not only have I blogged for years, but my job blogging for companies makes this a comfortable place to share my thoughts and recent events. I do blog regularly on my craft/ DIY blog at allreddesign.net is another place you'll find me. But I didn't think everyone that follows my crafting adventures and recent Inspired by Pinterest project episodes probably didn't want to read about my health, body and feelings.

You can also find me blogging over at...

My Craft Channel

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HELLO....I appreciate you reading about me and my experience with BRCA1 and "everyday life". Thank you for taking the time to comment in the positive (but if you want to be negative I invite you to go read someone else's blog).