Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Not About the Scale (from size 28 to 18)

So following my Weight Watchers meeting on Feb. 8th, I was a bit discouraged. I had hoped to make my goal for 60 pounds total loss and only needed to lose 2.4 pounds to make it. I had worked hard, tried yoga, did a little zumba and walked in the VERY COLD and watched what I ate. But I only rang in at .4 pounds lost...not even a half a pound to celebrate. I was crushed. I tried to hide my disappointment and smile, I've come so far. But I am really trying to set goals and stay on track and I am never prepared for a low number on the scale.

So I called my mom....because who else do you call when you're bummed?

She told me it wasn't about the numbers on the scale. She reminded me how much better I'm looking and suggested I find an old pair of pants. I was SHOCKED when I realized that the largest pair of pants I was sporting last summer were a size 28. And that day I had put on a pair of 18 pants that my mom had bought me knowing I may need them sooner then later.

I was so thrilled!

I grabbed my husband and asked him to snap this photo. I needed the REMINDER!

Then I decided I should POST it to show my friends and family that my change in eating and lifestyle is WORKS!!

I was so flattered and humbled by the sheer number of friends and followers that liked the photo and commented. I saw how very many of my peeps hoped to one day experience GOOD HEALTH! 

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