Thursday, December 19, 2013


Awe, I'm flattered by all of your lovely comments! Sorry I've been busy the past couple of days, hence the no boobie updates. Any who, have you ever been to a choir concert? Let me rephrase that-a high school choir concert? Well I was able to go to one yesterday(at my own school). I went because several all of my lovely friends were in it. Little did I know that it doesn't get better for everyone after Jr. High... Don't get me wrong there were many great performances and many, many awful ones. Most of the songs were the slow paced, which it's nice to sing about the savior and all but I was excited for the common classics songs! About half way through, the choir teacher announced that the next song would be Frosty The Snowman! I thought to myself "FINALLY a non-slow song." I thought too soon. It was preformed by the sophomore boys choir, and I don't think I've ever heard it sang so depressing. It was awful, I'm pretty sure 50% of them were only there because their mom's forced them to be in choir. The other half were just all over the place. My favorite was a kid on the bottom row that was actually trying, but he's like one of those people that audition for American Idol because their family told them that they were good when really they aren't, and so instead of getting hurt feelings by their loved ones they get world wide embarrassment, and they're able to watch it over and over again. Long story short they were able to ruin one of the most cheerful Christmas songs in all of history. (This is the point where I tie it into a life lesson and my mom) So my mother went to the huntsman center Tuesday to get her drains out, sadly she only got one out and was told to rest more. Which is stupid because that's all she's been doing since the surgery! I guess even when she's doing nothing she's doing too much. We as people sometimes expect too much and are disappointed in the end. So be grateful this Christmas season for everything you have. And if some one gets you a gift that you find "stupid," thank them, because at least they're trying to be like Jesus(plus you can always just re-gift).

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