Friday, December 13, 2013


ok, ok, so after confessing my problems to you all last night I figured I should probably talk about my mom's problems. Well not so much of her "problems" more of what's she's going through. So I created a list of questions that asked her, but to make it more fun I'm going to answer each one also.
1. How do you feel?
Mom: I'm uncomfortable, I hurt, and I'm going stir crazy.
Me: quite well actually... I just had a bowl of ice cream:)
2. Are you tired of people asking how you feel?
Mom: *sighs* no, the answer is always the same.
Me: not at all.
3. What's been your favorite part of this experience?
Mom: *looks surprised by this question* Seeing your dad step up and be a great supporter. *begins to cry* he holds my hand at night and tells me I'm beautiful even though they could cast me as a walking dead zombie.
Me: getting to spend time with the wonderful woman who have birth too me!
4. Is this worse than having child birth?
Mom: yes because at least I got to take something cute home with me after.
Me: well... Um.... I haven't went through either of these experiences.
5. How many humps would you have if you were a camel?
Mom: *after referring to the question as "dumb"* one.
Me: Five(that's my lucky number, also I like to support as many people as I can).
6. What's you're favorite Christmas song?
Mom: I don't have one, depends on my mood...
Me: probably walking through a winter wonder land. Or little drummer boy, just because the chorus is extremely fun to yell.
7. What is one of your biggest dreams?
Mom: To take my family to Europe.
Me: To be in the circus.
8. Where's the most exotic place you've ever been?
Mom: Italy.
Me: The men's bathroom.
9. What is something that you want every one to know?
Mom: To treat every one nice because you don't know what they're going through.
Me: I'm now craving funeral potatoes;)

Well thanks for reading this novel, it may-or-may not be my last update... So thanks again for reading these!

- Emma

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