Sunday, December 15, 2013


I apologize for any grammar mistakes, keep in mind I'm a sixteen year old girl that could care less about where the semicolon goes. I'm also sorry if I ever offend you because that means you don't understand "sarcasm" which is a sad life to live. Any who, tonight I would like to make this post more interactive! So you will need the following materials:
-a person(any size will do)
-a screwdriver
Ok got those? Now lay flat on your back, place the person on top of your chest(preferably have them standing). Now take the screw driver and every once in a while stab it into a random body part(be creative). Ok the point of this exercise is when you're wondering how my mom feels. Now if you want to take it a step further have some one you love do this and all you can do is hold their hand, this is what I'm going through. So thanks for everything you do:) Sadly her recliner(that I recently named Kevin) is not working.
Thanks for the dinner Nicole Payne Germane! I especially enjoyed the brownies!

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