Saturday, November 2, 2013

Meeting My Surgeons Part 1

A friend pointed out that I have not been keeping this blog very up to date because she knew I'd been to Huntsman three time this past week. Well in all honesty I wasn't sure what to write and how much detail to put on the blog. Part of me figured no one would really care and the other part after visiting Huntsman Cancer Institute three times this past week makes me feel very thankful that I am not faced with the harrowing symptoms of cancer and the treatments that follow. However, I am completely overwhelmed and think often times that at some point I will wake up and this will just be a bad dream. I actually told my last doctor that I really had hoped someone would tell me that being positive for BRCA1 is not a big deal and I could just let it ALL go and not worry about cancer any more.

Sadly that was not the case and so I pressed on and met with a couple of doctor/surgeons that will be key characters in my story.

So I met with the Surgeon that will be doing my BPM (Bilateral =  both breasts, Prophylactic = preventative, Mastectomy ...well you all know what that is). She has been doing this for 20+ years and is considered the top of her field. However, her bluntness threw me off a bit. If you know me, you know I'm very sarcastic and can joke with the best of them. But I wasn't prepared for her comments about how "giant" my breasts were. She made a few other comments about my "girth" and "surgery would take twice as long because of my large breasts." I am already a little overwhelmed by all that I'm doing, but to be told I'm BODACIOUS in size and that my size may prevent me from electing to choose the type of recontruction I'd planned on really knocked me sideways. I only broke down once to my mother while waiting for the nurse to confirm scheduling for my upcoming MRI. We did however select the day of my surgery. When is a good idea to do this sugery, turn my normal life upside down and mess up my holidays?? Well there is NOT a good day, trust me...I tried. So we are doing it DECEMBER 9th. Yep...that soon. You see i have to schedule my time, the mastectomy surgeon AND the plastic (reconstruction) surgeon all at the same time. Not to mention the hospital and all other staff...gladly I don't have to deal with the rest of that. I meet with the plastic surgeon this next Tuesday...more details to follow.

At the end of the week I met with the OB/GYN Surgeon that will be performing the surgury to remove my Ovaries. We discussed the option of having a full hysterectomy or just the ovaries, along with hormone therapy following the surgery. I REALLY liked this doctor. Granted she reminded me of a childhood friend of mine, Mel....oh and she is so young. But she was so smart and so informed. She walked into my appointment understanding my BRCA1 diagnosis and handed me a couple of handouts to read. Did I mention I liked her? Her and her resident were so kind and although they brought up my pre-existing "condition" of fatness...they didn't make me feel bad about it at all. We decided to wait until I had time to recover from my December surgery, but still plan for this surgery sooner then later. The date that we were able to get on her schedule was FEB. 18, 2014. Yep, people that means I'll be sucking up my birthday with a shorter recovery, but still a recovery all the same.

So there you have update. Already called my girlfriends and told them to start planning my "Bye Bye Boobie" party and I feel this HUGE SENSE of urgency to get Christmas all planned out and ready to go!

Watch for Part 2 this next week. The plastic surgeon is the BIG one for me...wish me luck!


  1. Sweet lady...I feel horrible that you are even helping me with this very unimportant little soiree I am doing. You have SO MUCH on your plate already. I also feel horrible that doctor was so insensitive...good hell no one wants to hear that. You are a brave brave soul Lori. I admire you so much for making all of these decisions...I can't even imagine how hard all of this is for you. I do like the bye bye boobie party and it is SO YOU!!! You are a ROCKSTAR of a woman!!!

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  3. You are amazing and beautiful and strong, my friend. I'm so blessed to know you! Can I please come to your bye bye boobie party!? ;)

  4. I have just read all your posts. You are amazing and brave. Thanks for being such an example to me. Looking forward to many years of crafty meet-ups in the future. Thanks for sharing. Bye bye boobie... Love it. You should make a banner!

    Loves to you,



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