Friday, November 8, 2013

A Hug is All You Need

This past Tuesday was my visit to the plastic surgeon (PS) and the first visit Kirk could come to. Nothing is more fun then having a couple make doctors exam me while Kirk sat watching but I have a suspicion that I will learn to let that go sooner then later. The PS was very nice and went about explaining the best reconstruction options for me and then he proceeded into the potential risks of this surgery. Like any surgery the " what ifs" are pretty scary but I have faith on my side to know what I am doing will all work out. You know the popular quote, "it won't be easy but it will be with it."

I did however hope for more of a ceremony or fan fair about the process of having my breast removed and reconstructed. However the doctors acted as of they do this all the time and it was so matter-of-fact sort of experience for them. They wrapped up their well rehearsed presentation of what would and could happen, they ended with, "okay we will are you on the 9th." That was it! I shook their hands and bid them farewell until that fateful day that would forever change the way I looked at physical body and so much more. Then the nurse, Heidi, who had sat through this visit and my earlier one with the surgeon that would perform the mastectomy; walked up to me and opened her arms to embrace me in a sweet and loving hug and replied with  
"you have been so brave, but you
looked like you could use a hug."

I left with a feeling of hope, rather then despair and so love the nurse named Heidi for giving what I didn't know I needed at that time.

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  1. I'm glad she was there to give you the hug you needed. You know all of us that love you dearly are sending you cyber hugs too. You're Brave is pretty big my friend and you can do this. I'm praying for you Lori, everyday and I know God will carrying you through this. xxoo


HELLO....I appreciate you reading about me and my experience with BRCA1 and "everyday life". Thank you for taking the time to comment in the positive (but if you want to be negative I invite you to go read someone else's blog).